Tenface Hotel in Bangkok, my first boutique hotel

So in my last trip I went to Thailand. I did kind of a weird loop and I went from Bangkok to the south, back to Bangkok, and then I headed north. Instead of just passing by, I preferred to plan my trip in a more relaxed way and spend a couple of days between arriving and heading for the road again. Even though in my first stay I was in a very small hotel in a walking distance from the centre, I decided to give myself a treat. And I booked my first “boutique hotel”, the Tenface Hotel.

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

Where did I come from?

Well, as I just told you, it was from my way north from Khao Sok that I stopped for a second time in Bangkok. Because of a terrible incident that I had there, you can’t get to imagine how much I needed some pampering. I came from a week on sleeping on the hardest mattress I have even been in. And not being able to eat or drink. I go there and I felt like if I had found my own personal heaven.

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About the Tenface Hotel

The Tenface Hotel is a pretty small hotel found near the Lumpini Park in the Sukhumvit neighborhood. This is the zone with all the fancy hotels and shops are. The hotel is really close to one of the skyline green stations. If you know where the Tenface hotel is, then it is very easy to reach, if not, we can say it’s slightly challenging. When the taxi was taking me there from the airport I really worried about whether or not I was going to make it alive. The zone is pretty weird, and it didn’t feel that safe. But once you make all the turns into nowhere you finally see that the hotel looks pretty nice. Also, once you check in there’s a personal shuttle that drives you to and from the main road per request at any time of the day.

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

What does Tenface stands for?

According to their own website, and I am citing here: “The urban sanctuary inspired by Tosakan, the ten-faced giant from the epic Ramakien. Embodying a fusion of passion and wit, Tosakan signifies the essence of wisdom. With ten pairs of eyes, he saw beyond the norm. With ten faces, he consumed extensive knowledge, creating unique perspective on life.” And this little guy is everywhere around the hotel. You find a link for the website of the hotel here.

Impressions on this hotel

Well, the first thing I realized when I set foot on the Tenface Hotel was that it was a very dark hotel. The facade is dark, the reception is dark and even the hallways are relaxedly illuminated. It’s not that it is so dark that it is somehow annoying, not at all, it is just something soothing and relaxing.

The second thing that I noticed was the art. Almost every corner of the hotel is decorated with modern art. Not the type of art that you don’t really understand but some very tasty pieces. I think that my favorites were those pieces in which they played with the shadows. Many of the sculptures were either hanging from the ceiling, or slightly separated from the wall. That was combined with some specific lights and the result was a game of lights and shadows really beautiful.

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok


So the facilities of the hotel are not anything from out this world. What they call a “dipping pool”, a small pool where you can just do that, dip. A gym pretty nicely equipped and a couple of very nice restaurants that were a bit pricey for my taste.

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

What I like the least

Well, breakfast was not included. I know I am being picky right now but if I go to a four-star hotel I want to have the breakfast included. The meal itself was nice, with a very wide set of options, but the quality was not amazing. Other thing that I didn’t like is what I mentioned above, the location. It is fantastic to be in a hotel as amazing as that, but it’s kind of a buzz killer to open the window and see the views you have there. Finally, there was only one other thing I didn’t like and it was people expecting a tip. I am European and that does not go well with us. I can carry my bag, thank you.

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

What I like the most

One thing that I really liked was the welcoming to the hotel. With your check in they give you a day card for the skytrain and a small card with the directions to get to the hotel in Thai. I thought that it was a great idea considering how complicated it is to reach. But this was just a small detail.

Besides the aforementioned, the rooms were amazing. I was actually staying at a room that was bigger than my current apartment. Decorated with great taste, it had a huge living room, a fantastic bathroom and an amazing bedroom. Their attention to detail was very very good. There was from fruit scented soap, to the coolest bathrobe I have ever worn. From very nice slippers to an extremely cozy sofa. But by far, the best of that room was the bed. The only actually comfortable bed I ever slept on in Thailand. It was like heaven. Simply heaven. They even had an assortment of pillows, if you didn’t like yours you could just call them and ask for another one. A softer one. One higher. I don’t exactly remember the number of options you had, but there were a few. To be honest, without that couple of nights of proper sleep I am not sure I would have survived the following weeks (when I was mostly sleeping on the floor, but that’s a story for another time).

Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

So, my summary about the Tenface Hotel

It was a great stay. I loved the hotel and I will go again without a doubt if I ever go back to Bangkok. Thanks for the best two nights of sleep of my whole trip.

Disclosure about this post: This is not a sponsored post. I have not received anything for writing this review, and these guys do not even know about me. Honestly, I liked it so much that I just wanted to share with you this great finding. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Tenface Hotel, my first boutique hotel in Bangkok

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