Best sunset in Hvar, where should I go?

Hvar is a little island in Croatia. Halfway between Split and Dubrovnik, it is a well known party destination. But don’t let that stop you, there’s plenty to do if you don’t like to party anymore. Because I am too old to party (just don’t like it), we were looking for a quieter space and a more relaxed athmosphere. And we hit jackpot! Because of some proficient use of TripAdvisor and a little bit of luck, we found the best sunset in Hvar!

Best sunset in Hvar , Croatia - The Solivagant Soul

Where is Hvar

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the Pakleni (or Paklinski) Islands? These islands are right in front of Hvar, barely a 10 minutes boat ride away. The main island can be reached by Ferry from Dubrovik or Split in a couple of hours for about 20-30€.

About the town of Hvar

Even though I will dedicate a full post to this amazing town, you must know that Hvar is located in an island with many ins and outs. The coastline does a type of zig-zag that translate into several natural ports and amazing sea walks. Leaving the town behind and in the main promenade, you can head left to another harbour or right to some clubs.

Best sunset in Hvar , Croatia - The Solivagant Soul

How to get to the best sunset in Hvar

Continuing to the right, you will find first a very nice Hotel. It has its own beach and hammocks, although I have heard that it is extremely expensive to set base there. They ask for ridiculous amounts of money for using their beds. In any case, you want to continue walking and leave the hotel behind. Then, you will see where the party starts. Plenty of clubs are around. And so many teens going bananas… There is even a small platform hovering above the sea where sweaty bodies dance every night. And it is right by this spot where we watched the best sunset in Hvar, at least the first day.

Passed the bar, there are a few spots where you can sit and relax, although the same port is by itself an amazing plaze to watch an outstanding sunset. The pictures will tell better than me.

Best sunset in Hvar , Croatia - The Solivagant Soul

Another spot to the best sunset in Hvar

If you continue walking, for a few more hundreds of meters, there is another spot for a magnific sunset in Hvar. You need to look for Falko Beach Bar. We found this pearl thanks to TripAdvisor. This is not much more than a house, a tent and many hammocks. But to be honest, you do not need much more. Right by the sea, there are some beds where you can relax and soak up the sunset. I am no sure if they are free, but we did not pay a cent. There’s even a small platform from which you can jump out to the sea. It’s an amazing location to have a local wine or a beer and watch the best sunset in Hvar !

How did we found this?

As I told you just before, TripAdvisor had a big role in finding this place. But also our amazing host there gave us the directions to these two places. I wanted to mention Lucjia because she was one of the nicest (and most energetic) person we found there. If you want to visit Hvar, I cannot recommend you her appartments enough. It is on top of one of the hills, but not far enough to be bothering. And this is not sponsored, we just loved the place!

Best sunset in Hvar , Croatia - The Solivagant Soul

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