About Jenn

So, I guess I should introduce myself, right?

I am Jenn, a native from the beautiful Barcelona (sorry, I have to be parcial here!) and currently living in the North of Europe. My first trip was to Menorca when I was only one year and a half and ever since my love for travel (and sun) has only increased. A few years ago, because life is what it is, I got myself in a crossroad, I could stay at home and then go for a week to some lazy trip with a couple of friends or I could go a bit crazy (or that was what people kept on telling me) and go by myself. Several months later (yep, type-A overplanner here), I was in the middle of Prague a bit scared but quite proud of myself. Then the second day arrived and “the falling” happened. And what’s “the falling”, you may ask? Well, it’s that day when you just are extremely tired, the temperatures are what a warm day in hell must feel like, you have been scammed and people have been extremely rude to you (though other variants are completely acceptable, I am sure you know what I am talking about). And then you are just sitting somewhere all depressed and thinking, what the hell am I doing here on my own? Well, thankfully, I did not give up on that day and convinced myself that if after a week I was still feeling all that sad and depressed, then I would be going back home defeated and would accept that taveling solo was not my thing. But something happened, I was in Dresde the next day and at 3a.m. a huge storm woke me up. The temperatures went down 15ºC and the air was breathable again. The next morning I met a very nice couple and headed together to Berlin. I cannot really explain what was that made the difference, but the stars aligned and I started to truly enjoy that trip!

about jennGiving myself that week and finally staying on my own for a month exploring Europe, was the best and worst decision I have ever made. The best because it showed me the person I could be, and the person I could become. It helped me to grow in all the aspects of my life, as a person, as a professional, as a friend. Traveling solo forces you to get out of your comfort zone and explore your full potential. There is no way back from there. And then, you might be thinking why it is also the worst decision I have ever made? Short answer, it is addictive. Once you are able to truly immerse yourself in a different culture and realize how tiny small you are, you open your eyes to the amazing world out there and cannot help but fall in love with all of it, even with the places you have yet to see. That wanderlust sets in the middle of your chest and itches until it convinces you to go somewhere for that long weekend every few weeks and it makes you the cheap flight guru of your circle of friends. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

I am starting this blog and website with the intention of getting this little bug called wanderlust inside many other chests and to show to those people with tones of prejudices that traveling solo is not for “crazy” people, it is for brave people, for people who whant to discover who they are, who they can be, for people who want to challenge themselves and people that just don’t let others pull them down just because they are not brave enough to do it by themselves. For all of you, solivagant souls, please be welcomed!


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