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Depending on the type of trip I want to do, I use different websites to find the accommodation that suits me the best.

When I am travelling to an expensive destination, most likely my accommodation will be a hostel. They are usually the cheapest options, I enjoy the interactions with fellow travellers (I’ve heard quite some interesting stories over the years!) and with a little bit of digging it is easy to find nice and cute hostels. In these cases, I always use Hostelworld. Again, I know that there are many other similar websites out there, but I have always had a good experience with them and usually, they have the cheapest fares.

pangea tunia oasis hotal accommodation

Pangea Hotel in a Tunisian oasis

If I am traveling to a more economic place, I usually go to TripAdvisor and use their search engine to find, in general lines, which are my options and compare between different types of accommodation. Though I really like the immense amount of reviews you can find for each hotel/hostel/b&b… I find it a bit overwelming. There are often too many options and I just feel like I am lost in the middle of a sea of options… but for exclusive (or plain weird) placs, it is not a bad option.

Sometimes I just feel like I want to go fancy and I directly look for hotels. My preferred option is usually Similarly with hostelworld, I have always had good experiences with them. I really love the cancel for free 24h before the stay option!

Finally, these past months I have started using Airbnb and looked for appartments to rent for a while. I have only booked one in Athens and after a nice exchange with a girl who gave me a list of all the nice and hidden places to visit there, I can only say that I am quite happy with them (though, probably it will all depend on the guest you find I guess).

I am aware that some people are extremely happy with Couchsurfing, I know it but it is just not for me.

Enjoy your stay wherever you are!

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