Resources: Transport

There are many websites I visit when I plan a trip and I am looking for different options in transport.

To know which are the options to go from point A to point B, I usually start by using Rome2Rio. This website gives you a list of all the possibilities you have to go anywhere, from an estimate of how much you would spend in gas traveling by car, to an average of how much it costs to flight by plane… In general it’s a great tool.

When looking for trains in Europe, the best resource is always the German train website, it has information about the whole European network, independently of the country and the English version works quite well.

If we are thinking of air transport, my favourite tool is Momondo. There are many other that work extremely well, but usually this tool is the one that finds the cheapest options.

Finally, to traplane aquatic transportvel by car, a nice option is blablacar. In this website, you can find drivers who want to share the expenses of the ride. If the trip is long, it is possible to just hop on for a part of the traject and then continue with another method of transport.

Lately, I have been traveling differently and instead of looking for how to get from one point to another, I just set the dates and look for the most interesting place to visit within my dates and budget. For that, there are many different websites that make the trick:

  • Secret Flying: My all time favourite. You only have to set your continent of departure and you will get a list of deals to plenty of destinations in the world by a crazy-cheap fare. They update their website daily and the fares they post are nothing but amazing.
  • Skiplagged: Another great website that can be used to find the best fares to go from one point to another or that can just find the best destinations in a specific date. The most interesting part of this search motor is what they call the “hidden city fares”, these fares allow you to find trips that pass by your destination only as a stop, but that somehow are cheaper than a flight arriving at your desired destination.
  • Skypicker, SkyScanner and Google Flights all allow you to see from a departing airport the fares to go basically anywhere in the world around some specific dates.

And… that would be all, I’ll be updating this page on the go!



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