Solo photography, or how to get nice pictures on your own

Solo photography, or how to get nice pictures on your own | The Solivagant Soul

I haven’t post anything about photography for a while (except for my starting series of photojournals), so I thought about doing a new round of tips. In this case, I focused on photography while traveling solo, or in short ” solo photography “. In my opinion, traveling solo and loving photography can present some challenges, here are some tips on how overcome them. Safety and solo photography One of my main concerns while traveling solo was how to take care of my belongings. Usually, four eyes are better than two, but it can also get you a little distracted. When…

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The truth behind female travel blogging

The truth behind female travel blogging | Travel Blog | Travel Lifestyle | Honesty | The Solivagant Soul

I have been wanting to write about this topic for a while. Even from before I started this blog I have seen eveywhere beautiful women in amazing locations. Usually wearing beautiful long and vaporous dresses, with flowers or bright colours. And often a fantastic hat to go with it. Make up right on point and not a hair out of place. For long I thought I was the exception. That everyone was actually traveling like that and that it was me the only one looking like a hobo during most of my trips. And little by little I started to…

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Paklinsky Islands: The clearest water ever

Paklinsky Islands in Croatia, the cleares sea ever - The Solivagant Soul

A few weeks ago, I published a post about the itinerary that we followed in Croatia last month. The place I loved the most in the whole trip was Hvar. We spent two days there and the nices spot we found there were the Paklinsky Islands. Where are the Paklinsky Islands The Paklinsky islands are a small group of tiny islands in Croatia. They are located in front of Hvar (you can actually see them from town), another island that is halfway between Dubrovnik and Split. Hvar is a beautiful stop to consider when tranferring by ferry from Dubrovnik to…

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8 things you should never do in Barcelona

8 things you should never do in Barcelona - The Solivagant Soul

There are many posts out there about the X things you can’t miss in Barcelona. Or how many “hidden gems” the city has. I am from Barcelona, and even though most of the time I have problems thinking of it as a tourist, I do have some recommendations on what not to do in Barcelona. A different type of guide for this amazing city! Do not go to Barcelona in July or August So my first advice to you is do not visit Barcelona in July and August. While most of Spain will celebrate their holidays during August, most of…

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A 10-day stress-free Croatia itinerary

A ten day croatia itinerary - The Solivagant Soul.

A few days ago I arrived from an amazing trip to Croatia. I am right now in a position at work when I cannot take much days and so I prepared a short 10-day itinerary through the country. With this itinerary we were able to visit most of the coastal cities as well as some interesting less touristy spots. For most people it may be a bit too ambitious, but that’s the way I love to travel the most. Here you have my Croatia itinerary ! Day 1 of my Croatia itinerary: Arriving to Dubrovnik Our Croatia itinerary started and…

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How to pack light for a week, a month or a year

How to pack light for a week, a month or a year - The Solivagant Soul

The other day I was scrolling through my facebook feed. In one of the many groups about travel that I am in, a woman was asking how to pack light. She was coming back from Venice and for two weeks, she packed three big suitcases. Then I realized that some people don’t really have a clue on how to bring less stuff along, so here’s my take! I have divided this post in different types of weeks so you can choose your style! A week of travel during summer This is of course the easiest of the trips. You go…

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A guide to the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng in Chiang Mai

A guide to the Loi Krathong and Yi Peng Festival in Thailand | The solivagant soul

Last year I planned my trip Thailand so that I could cross off a point in my bucket list: The Yi Peng. This festival, happens once a year and it is mostly important in Chiang Mai. It occurs during the same dates that the Loy Krathong, another nation-wide celebration. Even thought the occur simultaneously, they are not the same. The Loy Krathong The Loy Krathong occurs every year in the 12th full moon of the lunar calendar, which translates into late October or early November. During this festival, thousands of people from all around the world gather around the rivers…

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Turquoise Water, the science behind the travel pics

Turquoise water. the science behind the travel pics - The Solivagant Soul

A few months back I was in Canada, specifically in Banff. For half of my trip I was staying in the amazing Banff Fairmont and after that I moved to another B&B. On my first days in the big fancy hotel I found one very big photography of Lake Louise in during the summer. Even though tha landscape was pretty awesome itself, the most eye-capturing thing in the picture was the colour of the lake… It had turquoise water! Where does the turquoise water colour come from? Well, Lake Louise is a glaciar lake, and from that is where it…

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About travel and the terrorist attack in Barcelona

Terrorist attack in Barcelona and fear of travelling | The solivagant soul

I usually do not like to talk about politics. That and football are the best topics to end up angry at someone. Because of that, I rarely do, but today, a few days only after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, I feel like I have to myself out there and tell you about my point of view and experience. After canceling my trip to NYC, changing my new flights and departing from another airport… Finally on my way to the beautiful Barcelona! Una publicación compartida de The Solivagant Soul (@thesolivagantsoul) el 31 de Mar de 2016 a la(s) 5:01 PDT…

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Sobrasada and Cheese in Mahón

Sobrasada and Cheese in Mahón | Two of the best things you can eat in Mahón ( Menorca , Spain). One of them a maturated raw sausage and the other salty cow cheese, two must try in the Balearic Islands

If you have gone through my blog before you will know that I have been to the Balearic Islands a few times before. What you may not know is that Menorca, the second biggest island of the archipelago was my first destination ever. Ok, yes, I was one year and a half. But it counts. Anyway, today I am telling you about two amazing gastronomic pleasures that are typical from Menorca: the Sobrasada and cheese from Mahón. Read about my sailboat trip to Menorca here — A Sailboat trip, not for everyone Where is Mahón Well, Mallorca is the biggest…

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