You don’t need to quit your job to travel

You don't need to quit your job to travel - The Solivagant Soul

What? That you don’t have to quit your job to travel ? In the past few years it seems like traveling is a biological imperative for all millenials. Don’t get me wrong, there are very few things in this world that I enjoy more than being with my backpack in a remote and unknown location. I know that I would enjoy a life on the road. I do not need a lot to live. And, of course, writing about travel, it’s been a while since the first time that I was asked why I didn’t quit my job to travel…

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A love-hate affair with Thai food

A love and hate affair with Thai Food - Amor y odio con la comida tailandesa - The Solivagant Soul

Last year I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Thailand. It was an unforgettable experience. I met a tone of people with many interesting stories and I saw wonders (naturals and manmade). Like in each one of my trips, an important part of it felt into the “Food” category. I wanted to truly immerse in their gastronomic culture and I wanted to try as many different meals as I could from “Thai Food”. The first days The first day that I spent in Bangkok I decided to go first to the Grand Palace. I wasn’t staying far…

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That terrible consequence: Avoiding Jet lag

Avoiding Jet Lag - The Solivagant Soul

A couple of months back, as you know, I travelled to Thailand. It was the first time in years that I had to care about avoiding jet lag. If you are like me and want to get as much as you can done, I’m sure you don’t want to spend a week being a sleep-zombie. So… Here you have some tips for avoiding jet lag and get the most of your trip from day one. Selecting the best schedule to fly for avoiding jet lag Let’s be honest. I’m aware that most people select the cheapest flight option with non-crazy…

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Catalan Christmas, a different holiday season

Cagatio - Navidades Catalanas, Navidades en Catalunya, Catalan Christmas, Christmas in Catalonia

If there’s something we Catalans are specially good at is at being different. We are too cool to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we have our own and celebrate St Jordi (much better if you ask me). In our holidays, we gather and dance in circles, or we dress up as demons and run the streets throwing sparks to the people. But it that were not enough, we love human castles and eat (kinda) burned onions while wearing a bib. We are a fantastic country, with very special and original traditions. And, is there something more original than our Catalan Christmas?…

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German winter: Christmas Market in Cologne

Christmas Market in Cologne - The Solivagant Soul

After I moved to Belgium a few years back, one of the things I was the happiest about was that I was on a city with a beautiful Christmas market. And not only that, but only a few hours away from many others. In every city, or capital around here, there’s at least one interesting market. You can visit the weirdly lighten one in Brussels. Or the rustic in Liege. Or maybe the lovely one in Brugge. Each one of them has something special, but none compares to the Christmas market of Cologne. Because is not one or two, they…

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Thailand Alone, first thoughts

Thailand Alone - The Solivagant Soul

I arrived from my first trip from Thailand solo a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to let you about my general feeling about the country. My first thought: OMG the humidity! To start, let me acknowledge that this is going to be very obvious. I know. But for me, the first thing that surprised me in Thailand was the weather. I came from (North) Europe, almost winter and after 16 hours of arctic temperatures (on the plane). Even though I tried to have some light clothes on, as soon as I arrived to Bangkok I started sweating. I…

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The best lenses for travel photography

The best lenses for travel photography

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about how to get better shots during your trips (part 1 and part 2). In that post, I explained about some of the basic rules for general photography and others more specific about travel shooting. In this post, even though it is a bit technical, I am telling you about what lenses are the best to travel with and why. I hope you enjoy it! First, some basic concepts: the focal distance Before saying which lens is better than which one, I must add a small introduction to the concept of focal…

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Preparing for a trip: getting fit

Ponerse en forma antes de viajar - Get fit before traveling

There are many different types of trips. You can just take a flight and arrive to a paradise beach and not move your ass in a week. There are also trips where you are supposed to enjoy the ride and relax (like my sailboat trip was supposed to be). But to be honest, I am more prone to just take off to the Pyrinees. Or through the rainforest in Thailand. In general, I am the type of person that needs some more holidays after I return… just to recover. Even though there’s no way to avoid those very hard initial…

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Going overboard with locks in Cologne

Locks in Cologne

One of the cities I liked the most in Germany when I was travelling through Europe with Interrail was Cologne. It looked like a very nice, clean and alive city. Now that I live only a couple of hours away I usually visit the city once a year (usually during Christmas, though that deserves a full post). Anyway, every time I go there I love it more and more. The train station is literally underneath the Cathedral and right in the center of the city. But the best thing about arriving by train are the locks! Where is Cologne? Cologne…

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Ten Steps to Your Best Travel Photography (Part 2)

Fotografía. Photography

More about travel photography Following with the list of tips and rules to get your best travel photography (here is the the first half), keep on reading for the last part! Sizes and proportions This picture is not mine, but it is such a great example that I couldn’t help but include it! This rule is something we tend to ignore just because we don’t think about it. Many times, we take a picture of this amazing, huge and magnificent place. When we are there, we think wow, let’s get all of it in the frame. That waterfall of so…

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