Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel: My experience

Banff Springs Fairmont in Alberta Canada - One of the nicest hotels you can find in the Rockies in Canada - The Solivagant Soul

Last year I spend a few days in Banff. I was there to attend a conference for my day job and fortunately, I was not paying. I was lucky enough to convince my boss to go to the location the hotel where the conference was taking place: Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel. How to reach the Banff Springs Fairmont We arrived from the airport in Calgary. If you are coming from Europe, direct flights from Frankfurt are not specially expensive. In my case, I flew from Brussels to Frankfurt, and from there to Calgary. It barely cost me 400€ although my…

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Visiting La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica

Visiting La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica - The Solivagant Soul

A few posts ago I wrote about visiting the beatiful National Park of Monteverde. Although that experience was fantastic, it was during that same trip that we also ended up visiting la Fortuna Waterfall. Where is la Fortuna Waterfall and how to reach it Well, as I just said, we ended up visiting la Fortuna Waterfall when we were in Costa Rica. This beautiful waterfall is quite close to the National Park of Monteverde and the Volcano Arenal. Located within the “Reserva Ecológica Catarata Río Fortuna” (which translated to Fortuna Waterfall and River Ecological Reserve), it has been protected from…

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Railay beach and the Phallic Cave

Railay Beach in Krabi Thailand and the Phra Nang Princess Cave or Phallic Cave - The Solivagant Soul

Back in 2016 (who would say that it’s two years ago already), I spent some beautiful weeks in Thailand. Even though it was not a beach trip and I did manage to squeeze in some sun time. For that, I decided to go to Ao Nang, in Krabi, and from there, I spent a day or two visiting Railay Beach. Where is Railay Beach Located in the South peninsule of Thailand, Railay Beach is near Krabi. It can be reached by plane from Krabi airport. Even though it looks like an amazing beach and it could pass as an island,…

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Hiking Johnston Canyon in Winter

Hiking Johnston Canyon in Winter , Canada - The Solivagant Soul

Almost a year ago I was for a few days in Banff. Even though is was barely more than a week, I was able to visit many of the local attractions. I went to Lake Louise, enjoyed a morning with some dogs around the Three Sisters and I spent a morning Hiking Johnston Canyon (you don’t need much more than half a day). And it was about this last activity like that I wanted to talk to you about today. How to reach the Johnston Canyon As I said before, this canyon can be found in the Canadian Rockies. More…

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Best sunset in Hvar, where should I go?

Best sunset in Hvar , Croatia - The Solivagant Soul

Hvar is a little island in Croatia. Halfway between Split and Dubrovnik, it is a well known party destination. But don’t let that stop you, there’s plenty to do if you don’t like to party anymore. Because I am too old to party (just don’t like it), we were looking for a quieter space and a more relaxed athmosphere. And we hit jackpot! Because of some proficient use of TripAdvisor and a little bit of luck, we found the best sunset in Hvar! Where is Hvar Do you remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the Pakleni (or Paklinski) Islands?…

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New Year’s Eve in Spain : Grapes and Champagne

New Year's Eve in Spain : Grapes and Champagne - The Solivagant Soul

We Spaniards and Catalans have our own set of special and funny traditions. And of course, a New Year’s Eve in Spain could not be any different! How things often roll in New Year’s eve in Spain Although maybe not as much as in Italy, we are often very familiar. It doesn’t matter if you have a big or a small family. In a New Year’s Eve in Spain you all get together. You will eat like there’s no tomorrow. Then, you will pass through the grapes tradition and maybe afterwards you will leave with your friends. Classy and elegant,…

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Praia das Catedrais, a beach made out cathedrals

Praia das Catedrais, a beach made out of cathedrals in Galicia, Spain | The Solivagant Soul

When people visit Spain they often go to the magnific Barcelona (and remember, don’t do this). Or to sunbath in the coast of Valencia. Some of them even go surfing in the Basque Country. What most international tourists don’t do is visit Galicia. This region, right on top of Portugal, has it’s own story, language and traditions. With a very strong celtic influence, it is said that many witches are between their people. Meigas, they call them. Plenty of stories run in their folklore and there are dozens of magical places in the small region. Today I am telling you…

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The Three Magic Kings, or why Spaniards get their presents so late

The three magic kings | Los Reyes Magos | The Solivagant Soul

So here’s the thing, while most of the Western World is getting their presents for Christmas, Spaniards are not. We are different, yep. We recieve our presents from three very nice guys in January: The Three Magic Kings (or Wise Men)! Where does the tradition come from Even though we are not Christian per se, Christmas are and so are the Three Magic Kings. The story says that Three Magic Kings from the East were on a camel following a star that brought them to Bethlehem. Before entering the city they found Herod, who welcomed them into the city and…

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Sirmione del Garda, heaven in Lombardy

Sirmione del Garda, heaven in Lombardy | The Solivagant Soul | Italy | Daytrip | Lombardy | Lake Garda | Lake

Last August, out of the blue we decided to do a weekend trip to Italy. The cheapest flights were to Venice, so there we headed. I had been there before and I knew that four days there were going to be too many. So we decided to go divide the trip in two destinations: Venice and Desenzano del Garda. We were so lucky that we were there in the middle of the heatwave Lucifer. With average daytime temperatures in the high 30s, one of our best decicions was to take a daytrip to Sirmione del Garda. Where is Sirmione del…

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Solo photography, or how to get nice pictures on your own

Solo photography, or how to get nice pictures on your own | The Solivagant Soul

I haven’t post anything about photography for a while (except for my starting series of photojournals), so I thought about doing a new round of tips. In this case, I focused on photography while traveling solo, or in short ” solo photography “. In my opinion, traveling solo and loving photography can present some challenges, here are some tips on how overcome them. Safety and solo photography One of my main concerns while traveling solo was how to take care of my belongings. Usually, four eyes are better than two, but it can also get you a little distracted. When…

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